Why a Cardlock Fuel Program Is Right for Your Business

Why a Cardlock Fuel Program Is Right for Your Business

Running a small business takes a lot of time and effort. From balancing your books and managing projects to dealing with customers on a daily basis, every detail matters; and at that point, your fleet turns from equipment to investment. Adding a cardlock fuel program to your business can reduce strain on your fleet, while coincidently giving you the versatility and convenience of individualizing your program to suit your business needs. This includes features such as the ability to add or cancel a card at any time, customizable PIN options exclusive to each company, card or vehicle and access to detailed weekly billing breakdowns.

Our high-speed pumps are fully automated and available for 24-hour use. All of our stations are well lit and monitored by video surveillance at all times to ensure customer safety. Each location also has a large parking area to accommodate any sized truck/trailer unit and the lots are well maintained for year round use.

Unlike standard fuel stations, cardlock stations often don’t have the volume of the everyday commuter stops. This allows for quick refueling enabling your team to maximize productivity throughout the day. You will also receive consistent product quality ensuring that your fleet will receive a product helping it run at peak efficiency.

Each of our cardlocks are equipped with a full fuel line with the grade to match any engine type, including:

N/L Grade Gasoline
Mid-Grade Gasoline
Premium Gasoline
Clear Diesel with Hi-Speed Pumps
Dyed Diesel
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

With four convenient, easily accessible highway locations throughout Simcoe County and Northern Ontario, you can be sure that Sarjeants is on your way. For more information or to get your Sarjeant Fuels passes delivered to your business call 705.728.2460, visit the Commercial Fuels page, or fill out the Quote form in the top right-hand corner.

Barrie Cardlock Fuel Station