Mobile Concrete Mixer

Sarjeants and Custom Concrete Northern are centrally located to deliver the best services for urban or remote projects throughout Ontario.

The Sarjeant Co. LTD

ProAll P95 Commander

Big projects, big landscapes, big loads call for The P95 – the largest and most robust mixer in the ProAll line-up, is now a part of Sarjeants Ready Mix Fleet. No matter what your job asks for, Sarjeants has you covered. The P95 is perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and well suited for large scale or long-term construction projects and remote locations. For some jobs, bigger is better.

Customization of any mix is available and with a knowledgeable sales team backing our fleet you can be assured that your project will be provided with the correct mix to maximize your investment.

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Traditional batch plant concrete begins to degrade and lose WORKABILITY during the time it takes to load and deliver the material to your site. WIth Sarjeants Mobile Concrete Mixer, you can ensure the freshest concrete for your job when you need it most.


No minimum load size.
No underload fees.


Our trained drivers control all aspects of production and delivery allowing accurate metering while providing the best concrete products, in the exact amount for your project. Every Time.

Concrete Testing

We offer a variety of testing services to ensure your project meets specifications. RMCAO certified Quality Control Technicians are kept on staff to ensure consistency throughout product delivery.

Slump Test


A concrete slump test is a test for determining the consistency/workability of concrete by measurement of the spreading of a specified volume of concrete over a flat plate.

The slump test result is essentially a measure of the behaviour of a self compacted cone of concrete under the influence of gravity, which is directly proportional to the workability or dampness of the concrete. It is typically used in the field to determine the workability of a single batch as well as the consistency between multiple batches.

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Air Content Test


The air content test determines the air content of plastic concrete using pressure in a vacuum, and is based on the pressure-to-volume relationship of Boyle’s Law. Air is put into concrete to allow for moisture to absorb into the air bubbles during the freezing and thawing cycles, this avoids potential cracking or spalding.

Pressure is applied to a sample of concrete using an apparatus similar to the one to the right, which compresses the entrained air in the pores. The apparatus uses the change in the known volume of air to calculate the air content of the concrete mix.

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Compressive Strength Test

Compressive Strength Test

Compressive strength is the capacity of a material to withstand axially directed pushing forces. The concrete compressive strength test determines if the mix meets the specified strength by crushing subjective cast cylinder samples.

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Quality Control


  • Concrete Yield Test
  • Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (“Coulomb Test”)
  • Alkali-Silica Reactivity Test (ASR)
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