Heating Oil

Is heating oil right for you?

Heating oil is a non-explosive liquid that cannot mix with air to combust. Producing more heat per BTU than other energy sources, heating oil gives the most value for your dollar. Heating oil burns hotter than other energy options making it able to heat your household faster and for longer.

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The Sarjeants Advantage

Heating oil offers several advantages as a reliable and efficient heating source. One of the main benefits of heating oil is its high energy content, which results in a consistent and steady heat output, ensuring a warm and comfortable environment even during the coldest months. Additionally, modern heating oil systems have become more energy-efficient, leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower heating costs for homeowners.

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Heat your home safe and sound

The versatility of heating oil allows it to be used not only for home heating but also for powering other appliances, such as stoves and water heaters. For those living in areas without access to natural gas, heating oil remains a viable and valuable heating solution, providing warmth and comfort while minimizing environmental impact.

Auto Fuel Delivery

Our automated delivery service is a no-cost, convenient way to make sure you never run out of fuel. Through our tank monitoring system, we are able to keep track of your fuel usage and know exactly when you will be due for a delivery. For the most accurate tracking of your fuel usage, we can install a wireless tank monitor, which will send us an alert when you need more fuel. Every customer with a wireless tank monitor receives a “No Run-out Guarantee” from us. Without the installation of a tank monitor, we can monitor your fuel use based on past usage and the predicted weather, using our advanced degree-day tracking system. We are then able to schedule deliveries accordingly, to avoid risk of a run-out. Enroll in automatic delivery and request a wireless tank monitor today.