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Redi-Rock is an international leader in retaining wall solutions. Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall solution being used to maximize land in communities around the world. With the most advanced retaining wall products and designs, Redi-Rock has created an upscale natural look to compliment any project.  

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Redi-Rock’s innovative, yet versatile retaining wall system allows for easy customization of block size and design to create the unique look that you are searching for. Redi-Rock is a complete wall solution that uses concrete blocks that stack on top of one another to create strong, great looking gravity-supported walls designed to make your project look great. Each block is made using architectural-grade precast concrete made to look like natural stone.


Redi-Rock blocks have a natural split limestone texture that beautifully mimics real quarried stone. These large-scale block faces are perfect for commercial and residential projects. However, the design of Redi-Rock® goes beyond looks; these one-tonne blocks lock together using a knob and groove system, allowing them to withstand any element. Each block is formed using architectural-grade precast concrete made to look like natural stone. Due to the shape of each block, it is easy to design and install inside or outside curves to create a smooth effect for projects such as ponds or staircases.  

Redi Rock Retaining Wall


Retaining wall design

Retaining walls can be an important asset to any property, from residential to commercial, so it’s important to have the flexibility you need with retaining wall designs. At Redi-Rock, we understand that everyone’s retaining wall design needs are different. This is why we will work with you to create the most efficient retaining wall design for whatever the application may be.

We have all of the retaining wall design resources you’ll need, including our Design Charts and Details, to make your retaining wall design process hassle free! We specialize in a variety of designs for retaining walls, including bridge and culvert retaining wall designs, commercial retaining wall designs, designs for retaining walls on golf courses, highway retaining wall designs, residential (landscaping) retaining wall designs, and even waterfront retaining wall designs. So no matter what application you choose, Redi-Rock has the ability to design your ideal retaining wall.


Redi-Rock is known for its ability to build tall, gravity walls, but with reinforcement, Redi-Rock retaining walls can go even higher. With the implementation of a new geo-grid mechanical connector into our retaining wall systems, Redi-Rock has been able to achieve the strongest retaining wall systems available today.

Redi Rock Installation

Redi-rock installation


Until now, retaining wall construction has been no easy feat. Most retaining wall systems made of small dry cast stones have made retaining wall construction a challenge. But now, with Redi-Rock’s wet cast concrete retaining wall systems, retaining wall construction has never been easier!

To make your block retaining wall installation easy, Redi-Rock has created a block retaining wall system more advanced than other block retaining wall systems available.

Our block retaining walls are made from a wet cast concrete and are more aesthetically pleasing than most block retaining walls. Engineered with revolutionary knob and groove connections and fork slots for easy loading and unloading.

Redi-Rock block retaining walls wipe out the competition in efficiency and ease of installation! Each retaining wall block is constructed with state-of-the-art knob and groove connections, so during construction each retaining wall block fits perfectly into place. With fork slots for easy loading and unloading during retaining wall construction, you’ll be glad you chose Redi-Rock for your retaining wall construction project!

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