Redi-Rock was a key component used to transform a beautiful piece of waterfront property into Friday Harbour; home to the largest inland marina in Canada.Friday Harbour is a premier four-season resort community. Located at Big Bay Point Road and the 13th Line of Innisfil, this 600-acre resort comes equipped with an 18-hole Golf Course, a 200 acre Nature Preserve, and it’s main attraction, a 1,000 slip marina.

This 53-acre or four-kilometer marina needed a gravity wall that could endure our harsh winter climates while also being submerged in water and that’s why they turned to Redi-Rock. The Sarjeant Company was responsible for producing and delivering over 38,000 Redi-Rock blocks that made up the marina walls. There were 12 different styles of blocks required to complete this project, this included a new style of block that was created specifically to accommodate for Friday Harbour’s needs.

In order to complete what some might call an impossible deadline, two Redi-Rock crews were hired and running each at one shift a day, rotating shifts every other Saturday. With over 75 forms in production and each crew performing two flips a day, we were producing approximately 300 blocks daily, totaling around 200 cubic metres of concrete poured.

This is currently the largest Redi-Rock project ever completed; it took three install crews 1.5 years to successfully complete.

Diggers digging on construction site -Sarjeants Sarjeant Fuel Truck at a construction site aerial view of a construction site in winter - sarjeant fuels  dock with water and a boat in front of a building

Friday Harbour Marina Wall