Commercial Fuels and Jobsite Delivery

Do you have a construction site, marina or private fuel supply and want a competitive and reliable fuel supplier? Sarjeant Fuels offers you the fuel, equipment and dependable service you need to run your operation smoothly. Having an on-hand source of fuel can lead to increased productivity, reduce overhead and unnecessary travel costs.


Do You Need Equipment?

No tanks? No pumps? No problem! The Sarjeant Company Ltd. can help you source the hardware you need for your job. Our knowledgeable team can set you up with the most efficient method for your business or project.

  1. Skid Tanks
  2. Fuel Cubes
  3. Bench Tanks


Cardlock Fuel

Sarjeant Fuels Cardlock fuel service benefits:

  1. Billing breaks down each cards usage for easy account management
  2. Individual cards can be activated or canceled at any time
  3. Cards and PIN numbers can be exclusive to each vehicle
  4. Drivers can select their own PIN
  5. The spacious design allowing easy access for any size vehicle
  6. Receipts available at island
  7. High speed diesel pumps with satellite nozzles available along with regular diesel pumps
  8. Mastercard and Visa available to use at Barrie and Timmins locations

Available at four convenient locations with easy highway access:

sarjean fuels fuel pass

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is mandatory for trucks equipped with Selective Calalytic Reduction system. This system reduces the oxides in nitrogen to be compliant with legislation mandated emission standards.


Our cardlock stations are equipped with Diesel Exhaust Fluid in the pumps. This eliminates the need for using small jugs to input the liquid into the truck itself. Each pump has a satellite nozzle allowing hi-speed pumping to keep your fleet on the road.


Sarjeant Fuels is proud to service a variety of industries from the heavy industrial sector and construction to automotive repair shops and individual farming operations. With the full lines from Chevron and Transit available we offer a range of quality products to suit your needs, this includes a variety of engine oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases. We also have a variety of convenient packaging options such as tubes, 1 litre bottles, 4 litre jugs, pails and drums and bulk deliveries right to your tank.

Lubricant Associations:

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