Northern Ontario

Sarjeant Company Announces Acquisition of Northern Ontario Territory from Superior Propane

The Sarjeant Company, a leading home heating and energy solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of the northern Ontario territory from Superior Propane, Fort Frances, to New Liskeard. The territory will now operate under the name Sarjeant Propane.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Sarjeant’s ongoing commitment to better serve the needs of its valued customers and exceed their expectations. With a rich history dating back to 1889, Sarjeant has been a trusted home heating and energy solutions provider. The company began transitioning to the fuel industry in 1952 and expanded its presence in the North from Timmins to Fort Frances in 1975. The move to propane commenced in 2014, solidifying Sarjeant’s dedication to innovative solutions.

Sarjeant Company understands that news of an acquisition can sometimes create concern or uncertainty among customers. However, customers can rest assured that this strategic move is driven by the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products, services, and an enhanced customer experience. Throughout the heating season, Sarjeant will work diligently with Superior Propane to ensure a smooth integration, with exclusive support from Sarjeant Propane ready to be provided entirely by the upcoming summer.

Customers can expect no changes to their deliveries or services during this transition. Account inquiries and payments should continue to be directed to Superior Propane. Sarjeant Propane is committed to maintaining the familiar faces and reliable service that customers have come to expect while also focusing on continuously developing innovative solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

Sarjeant Propane is excited to bring the following benefits to customers:

Local Dispatch: Sarjeant recognizes the value of community and personalized service. In line with this, dispatch and administrative support teams will be retained or sourced locally. When customers reach out to Sarjeant, they will speak with someone from their community who understands their needs and places them first. The goal is to provide safe, reliable, and friendly service while reducing or eliminating wait times.

Unwavering Commitment: Customer satisfaction remains Sarjeant’s top priority. To facilitate a seamless transition, the company has prioritized retaining experienced staff. Sarjeant is grateful for the dedicated team of delivery drivers and service technicians who have stayed on board, possessing extensive knowledge of the local area. They are committed to maintaining and exceeding the level of service customers have come to expect.

Open Communication: Sarjeant values customer feedback and trust and is committed to maintaining open lines of communication. Customers are encouraged to contact the dedicated customer support team with questions, concerns, or suggestions via phone at 1-844-770-7263 or 705-776-7263 or email at The team is available to address queries and provide necessary assistance.

Sarjeant Propane looks forward to building lasting relationships with every customer. The company is genuinely excited about this new chapter and proud of the opportunity to bring job opportunities, such as backend office staff, administration, and operations, back to the North, ultimately enabling better service for customers. Sarjeant is grateful for the continued support and eagerly anticipates the journey ahead.