McEwen Mining

McEwen Mining

Client: McEwen Mining (formerly Primero)
Location: Black Fox Mine Site – Matheson, Ontario
Temporary Plant Operations: 2015-2018
Permanent Plant Operations: 2018-Present
Average Production Rate: 130 tonnes/hour

Custom Concrete (Northern) installed a Hydraulic Fill Plant at the Black Fox Mine Site in 2015. This plant was a dry batch plant which utilized concrete ready-mix trucks to mix and deliver the hydraulic fill. This project often operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the necessary requirements of the operation.

At this installation 100% fine sand is used to create the paste backfill. The cement content varies from 3% to 10% depending on the mine requirements. The mix design also utilizes a viscosity modifying agent to help with segregation and superplasticizers to help with strength and lower the water content. The sand is screened to produce a 7 mm minus product.

In 2018, this project was extended to include the commissioning of the permanent facility to take over paste backfill operations and produce consistent results of over 100 tonnes per hour. This plant is now operational and now producing at 130/tonnes per hour.

McEwen MIning Paste Plant McEwen MIning Paste Plant Silo

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First belt with impact McEwen MIning Paste Plant




McEwen Mining Paste Plant